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Inland Empire Military Museum is a museum located in San Bernardino, California, United States. It is dedicated to the history of the military and naval forces of the Inland Empire region. The museum has several galleries on display with artifacts from battles fought in the region such as the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

1.09 miles away

First Original McDonald's Museum

The First Original McDonald's Museum is located in San Bernardino, CA. The museum celebrates the history of McDonald's and its restaurant chain. The museum has interactive displays that tell the story of McDonald's from its beginnings to its present day. There are also artifacts from the restaurants and giveaways for visitors to take home.

1.11 miles away

Fleming Park

Fleming Park is a large public park located in San Bernardino, California. It has a number of attractions, including a lake, gardens, tennis courts, and a performance area. The park also has a playground and a basketball court. Fleming Park is open from 7AM to midnight every day of the year, and it has free parking.

3.10 miles away

Blair Park

Blair Park is a public park in San Bernardino, California. The park covers an area of 2.5 acres and has a playground, picnic area, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a skatepark. It is operated by the City of San Bernardino Department of Parks and Recreation.

3.14 miles away

San Bernardino County Museum

The San Bernardino County Museum is a museum located in San Bernardino, California. The museum was include over 10,000 items on display. The museum features a variety of exhibits covering different aspects of county history and culture. The museum also offers educational programs for school groups and the general public. The museum is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for New Year's Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day when it is open until 6:00 p.m.

5.18 miles away

Flores Park

Flores Park is a beautiful public park located in San Bernardino, California. The park was established in 1916 and includes a lake, a golf course, and a botanical garden. The park is home to many different types of animals, including hawks and owls. The park also features a playground, a basketball court, and a football field.

5.31 miles away

Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (RAFFMA)

Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (RAFFMA) is one of the most renowned museums in San Bernardino, California. RAFFMA houses a world-renowned collection of art that spans from ancient to contemporary, with a focus on Southern California and North American art. The museum features rotating exhibitions, a library, and art education programs for students of all ages.

The Fullerton Museum is known for its collection of Spanish colonial art, as well as works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Salle, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol. The museum also has an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, including pieces by Joan Miró, Anselm Kiefer, Richard Serra, Yoko Ono, and Damien Hirst. RAFFMA also has several temporary exhibitions each year that showcase the museum's diverse collections.

The Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission is free for everyone ages 18 and older.

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Hulda Crooks Park

Hulda Crooks Park is a city park in San Bernardino, California. The park is located at the corner of North Raymond Avenue and North Orange Street, adjacent to Hulda Crooks Elementary School. The park features a playground, basketball courts, a fitness trail, picnic areas, and a pond. In addition to its recreational amenities, the park serves as a green space for the community of San Bernardino.

The land on which Hulda Crooks Park now stands was originally part of Rancho Huerta de la Palma. John Sutter leased the rancho from Juan Jose Dominguez for use as a sheep and cattle ranch. Sutter sold the rancho to George Hearst and his father William Randolph Hearst.

George Hearst commissioned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted to create an English-style garden on the property. The garden was never built however, some of its features can still be seen in the park today. After George Hearst's death, the estate was divided among his children. Hulda Crooks Park became part of William Randolph Hearst's portion of the estate.

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Yanks Air Museum

The Yanks Air Museum is located in San Bernardino, California and is home to the largest collection of American military aircraft in the world. The museum is open every day except Christmas, and features a variety of aircraft from all over America's history.

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California Route 66 Museum

If you're in the San Bernardino area and want to learn more about Route 66, then you should definitely check out the California Route 66 Museum. This museum has a really cool collection of memorabilia from the highway, as well as exhibits on the history of the highway. Plus, they have some great exhibits on the local culture and history too. If you're a fan of old cars, this is definitely a place you'll want to check out.

29.53 miles away

Disney California Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park San Bernardino is a full-blown amusement park that occupies the first two levels of the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds. It features rides and attractions themed to Disney movies, TV shows, and characters, including a section dedicated to Pixar movies. The park also has an eclectic mix of restaurants and shops, making it a great place to spend a day.

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